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    Classification of industrial cleaning

    1. Different points according to fineness requirements:
      General industrial cleaning, precision industrial cleaning, ultra-precision industrial cleaning   
    1. General industrial cleaning includes the cleaning of the surface of vehicles, ships and aircrafts, which can only remove relatively coarse dirt;
    2. Precision industrial cleaning includes cleaning during the processing of various products, cleaning of various materials and equipment surfaces, etc. It is acterized by being able to remove tiny dirt particles;   
    3. Ultra-precision industrial fine cleaning includes ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic components, optical components, etc. in the process of precision industrial production, in order to eliminate extremely tiny dirt particles.
    4. Fully pneumatic stencil cleaning machine, fully pneumatic screen cleaning machine, automatic PCBA online cleaning machine, automatic PCBA offline cleaning machine, automatic fixture cleaning machine, automatic water-based screen cleaning machine, camera Camera module cleaning machine, COD module cleaning machine and other series of automatic cleaning equipment; cleaning field: SMT, PCB, camera module, aviation, aerospace, medical, automotive electronics, optical glass, flexible PCB, module PCB, host PCB, synthetic stone fixture; wave soldering/reflow soldering titanium claw, filter screen, etc.
    2. According to the different cleaning methods:
    Physical cleaning and chemical cleaning
    1. Physical cleaning uses the principles of mechanics, acoustics, optics, electricity, and heat, and relies on external energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasound, negative pressure, high pressure, impact, ultraviolet rays, steam, etc., to remove dirt on the surface of objects without changing the dirt. How to clean the components. That is, the method does not change the original chemical molecular composition. ?、費echanical cleaning method: cleaner and scraper cleaning method, drill pipe cleaning method, shot blasting cleaning method. ?、赪ater conservancy cleaning method: low-pressure hydraulic cleaning (the pressure of low-pressure cleaning is 196-686 kPa, about 2-7 kgf/cm2, equal to 0.2-0.7Mpa). ?、跦igh-pressure hydraulic cleaning: The pressure of high-pressure cleaning is 4900 kPa, which is about 50 kgf/cm2, which is equal to 5Mpa. This method is also called high-pressure water jet method and high-pressure cleaner.  
    2. Chemical cleaning is a method of using chemicals or other solvents to remove dirt on the surface of objects that rely on chemical reactions. For example, various inorganic or organic acids are used to remove rust and scale on the surface of objects, and oxidants are used to remove stains on the surface of objects. Use chemicals to make the surface pollution or the covering layer (such as the scale layer) chemically react with it to be removed, such as pickling and alkaline washing of the scale layer. In order to prevent the substrate from being corroded during chemical cleaning or to control the corrosion rate within the allowable range, an appropriate amount of corrosion inhibitor and additives for activation, penetration, and wetting are usually added to the chemical cleaning solution. Method: soaking method, circulation method, cleaning method in operation is also called non-stop chemical cleaning method.  
    3. The principle of anti-scaling and de-scaling of electronic cleaning method is: use high-frequency electric field to change the molecular structure of water to prevent and de-scaling. When water passes through a high-frequency electric field, its molecular physical structure changes. The original associated chain-like macromolecules are broken into single water molecules. The positive and negative ions of the salts in the water are surrounded by single water molecules, the movement speed is reduced, and the effective number of collisions Decrease, the electrostatic attraction is reduced, and the structure on the heated wall tube surface is not possible, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-fouling. At the same time, due to the increase of the dipole moment of water molecules, it increases the absorption capacity of the positive and negative ions (scale molecules) of the salt, which makes the scale on the heating surface or tube wall soft and easy to fall off, resulting in a descaling effect.   
    4. Static anti-scaling and descaling are the same as electronic descaling. They also achieve the purpose of anti-scaling and descaling by changing the state of water molecules. It's just that the latter uses the effect of an electrostatic field, not an electron. The mechanism is that water molecules have polarity (also called dipoles). When the water dipoles pass through the electrostatic field, each water dipole will be arranged in a positive and negative order. If the water contains dissolved salts, the positive and negative ions will be surrounded by water dipoles, and they will also be arranged in the water dipole group in positive and negative order. They cannot move by themselves, and therefore cannot approach the wall of the tube (apparatus). Then it deposits on the wall of the pipe (device) to form scale. At the same time, the oxygen released in the water can produce a very thin oxide layer on the pipe wall, which can prevent the pipe (device) wall from corroding.
    3. According to the different cleaning media:
    Wet cleaning and dry cleaning
    1. Generally, cleaning in a liquid medium is called wet cleaning, and most of the traditional cleaning methods are wet cleaning.  
    2. Cleaning in a gas medium is called dry cleaning, such as laser cleaning, ultraviolet cleaning, plasma cleaning, dry ice cleaning, etc.,   
    3. Electronic cleaning method (electronic descaling, anti-scaling)
    4. Electrostatic cleaning method (static anti-scaling, descaling)
    Fourth, the acteristics of the main metal materials 
    (1) The general term for alloy steel resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali, salt, etc. Among them are mainly omium-containing alloy steels. After omium is added, the steel has high corrosion resistance. In addition, adding nickel, molybdenum, titanium, manganese, nitrogen and other elements to omium steel can improve its corrosion resistance and process performance. The omium content in stainless steel is generally not less than 12%. There are two common types of omium stainless steel (containing 12% omium or more) and nickel-omium stainless steel (containing 12% omium and 8% nickel).  
    (2) Cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy containing more than 2% carbon, and contains manganese, silicon and a small amount of phosphorus and sulfur. It is brittle and hard without ductility.  
    (3) Carbon steel, also known as carbon steel, has a carbon content of 0.04-2%. According to the carbon content, it can be divided into low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel or high-carbon steel.  
    (4) Copper alloy. Copper is a non-ferrous metal with good ductility. Soft, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Copper and other metals can form many alloys with good properties, such as bronze (80% copper, 15% tin, 5% zinc), brass (60-90% copper, 40-10% zinc), which is easy to process. Many mechanical parts are made of brass.  
    (5) Aluminum alloy. Aluminum is a light metal and has good ductility. Aluminum is easily oxidized in the air, and a dense oxide film is formed on the surface, which can protect itself. Aluminum and many metals can form alloys with low specific gravity and high strength, and are widely used in various industries.
    3. Corrosion inhibitor is the introduction of corrosivity, adding a small amount of a certain substance, which can greatly reduce the corrosion rate of metal, this substance is called corrosion inhibitor. This method of protecting metals is called corrosion inhibitor protection method.  
    Classification of corrosion inhibitor:   
    The mechanism of action is divided into: anode, cathode, and mixed type.
    The acteristics of the protective film are: oxidation type, adsorption type, and precipitation type.
    Other categories: ①Organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors ②Liquid, vapor, and solid phase corrosion inhibitors ③Steel, copper, aluminum corrosion inhibitors ④Acid, alkaline, neutral corrosion inhibitors.
    Fourth, the classification of the state of the cleaning object
      Cleaning before production, non-stop production cleaning and shutdown maintenance cleaning   
    1. Cleaning before commissioning: New chemical equipment must be chemically cleaned and passivated before commissioning. Practice has proved that chemical cleaning and passivation before driving is of great significance to production safety and economic benefits. The economic benefits it produces are huge.  
    Purpose of cleaning passivation before driving   
    The system’s equipment raw materials such as steel pipes, steel plates, and stainless steels will form rolled skins during rolling; equipment will form rust, welding slag and oily rust inhibitors coated on steel for anti-corrosion during the manufacturing, storage, transportation and installation of the equipment. Impurities such as dust, sand, cement, and thermal insulation materials will also be mixed into the equipment. As the equipment capacity increases, the time required from the delivery of steel pipes and steel plates, equipment manufacturing, storage and transportation, installation to final production becomes longer, the number of welds in the equipment increases, and the heating surface increases. The above-mentioned rolling, rust, and welding slag , The total amount of various impurities such as rust inhibitor and silt increases.  
    After cleaning, a dense chemical passivation film is formed on the clean metal surface. The passivation film can effectively prevent the reappearance of dirt and effectively protect the equipment. Protect the equipment from corrosion or other chemical damage   
    2. Non-stop production cleaning: In the production process of chemical equipment, some equipment cannot be stopped for maintenance and cleaning. Therefore, non-stop cleaning technology came into being. Domestically, the non-stop cleaning technology invented by Kelly Cleaning is relatively complete, which can perform chemical cleaning and passivation technologies while the equipment is running. So as to ensure the safe operation and efficiency of the equipment.  
    3. Shutdown for maintenance and cleaning: Shutdown for maintenance refers to the cleaning of all equipment during the annual scheduled maintenance period of the chemical industry. Relatively speaking, suspend production for overhaul to perform cycle chemical cleaning or high-pressure water jet cleaning for a single device.
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